Popular ACE Modifications
Our Collection of Modifications:

  Here's an extensive collection of modifications that our members have done to their motorcycles. Feel free to comment on them in our FORUM and if you have a new mod that you did, we'd love to hear about it. We can even add it to the collection here if you want.
Popular Modifications to the ACE
TC Bros Choppers Forward Controls Extension Kit

A kit to move the stock foot controls on the ACE out 7 ½ inches for riders with inseams 31" or longer.
Aced It's Edelbrock Pro-Flo Air Cleaner Mod

Replacing the stock air filter housing with a cool looking Edelbrock low profile filter housing.
Kevin's Motohaas Throttle Lock

A clean, simple and inexpensive throttle lock custom fitted for the ACE.
Stock Seat Modification

Can't afford that $800 Mustang seat? Does your ass get numb after only 30 mins on the stock seat? Want to add some chrome studs to your seat? Then check out this simple and inexpensive mod!
Rear Luggage Carrier Project

Here is a project to convert an old drum case into a great luggage carrier for the back seat of your ACE. Submitted by Rimshot.
Rear Sprocket Replacement

Change the stock 42 tooth sprocket for a smaller 37,38 or 39 tooth one and lower your gear ratio. This makes for less revs at highway speeds and therefore a smoother ride.
Mr. Myagi's Floorboard Mod

Grab some flat stock aluminum and make up up your own floorboards that bolt to the stock pegs. Submitted by Mr. Myagi.
Keller1's Stock Exhaust Mod

A radical reshaping of the stock bazooka by one of our members. Submitted by Keller1
Progressive Suspension and Lowering the ACE

Installing new Progressive series 412 rear shocks (lowered 1") and also Progressive front fork springs, while cutting the spacers to lower the front by an equal 1".
Relocating the Stock Horn

Relocating the stock horn to act as a carb cover on the left side. Updated June 14th, 2009 - New bracket made to mount horn to the fake fin mounting bolts.
Installing Barnett Clutch Springs

Replacing the stock clutch springs with stiffer ones made by Barnett. Especially useful to owners who have change to a smaller rear sprocket, done power-increasing mods or who ride two-up and overloaded a lot.
4 Degree Timing Mod

A simple mod to the pulse generator to advance your ignition. Why pay $350 for a Dyna3000 when you can do this for free?!
Cheap & Easy Camera Mount

An inexpensive and easy to make mod that lets you mount your camera or camcorder on your handlebars. Submitted by Zero200.
Stage III rejet and Intake Mod

Rejetting your carbs to Stage III and modifying the stock air filter housing for more power.
Custom Rigid Mount Saddlebag Mod

Easy way to rigidly mount a set of leather saddlebags to your ACE. Submitted by forum member Chester.


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